SihanoukVille's Islands  

SihanoukVille's Islands

SihanoukVille is Cambodia's main beach tourist destination.  It also hosts the country's only deepwater port, national brewery, and seaside casinos.

Two of the biggest islands in the country, Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samloem are visible from the shore, as well as many smaller islands.

SihanoukVille's Islands have at least 150 bungalows or resorts.  The only 5 star island accommodation is on one of SihanoukVille's Islands. 

Between Koh Rong Island, and Koh Rong Samloem Island, there's one or three new "Island Bungalow Paradise Resorts" popping up every month.

Koh Ta Kiev Island, and Koh Thmei Island, just off the coast of Ream National Park also have a hand full of bungalows right on the beach.

The islands around SihanoukVille are:

Koh Ampil Tom Island
Koh Damlong Island
Koh Dek Koul (Mirax) Island
Koh Doich Island
Koh Goan Island
Koh Kteah Island
Koh Krabey Island
Koh Kong Kang Island
Koh Mano Island
Koh Polowai Island
Koh Preas Island
Koh Prins Island
Koh Russey Island
Koh Rong Island*
Koh Rong Samloem Island*
Koh S'dach Island*
Koh Smach Island
Koh Seh Island
Koh Ta Kiev Island*

Koh Ta Team Island
Koh Tang Island
Koh Tas Island
Koh Thmei Island*
Song Saa Island*

Snake Island (Koh Pos or Morakot Island)

* Island with bungalows or a resort hotel.

Big Map of Sihanoukville's Islands

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