Accommodations on Cambodia's Islands  


Most, but not all of the current island accommodations are pretty basic.  A bungalow on the beach, a bed with mosquito net, and a light.  Half the bungalows use a shared bathroom, and half have private bathrooms in the room.  Most don't have hot water.  Some are even shared bedrooms in a large wooden room or even a tent or hammock.  These rooms cost about $3 to $85 a night.

All the island accommodations run on a generator (or solar powered with batteries).  Many of these do not run the electric in the daytime.

However for $5,100/night at Song Saa Private Island (extra bed in the room is only $1,000 extra , taxes not included), you get electric all day!

You'll have to check "The Islands" page and look at each island group and island, to see the accommodations there.


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