Islands around Koh Kong Province  

Islands around Koh Kong

Koh Kong Province is located in the South-East corner of Cambodia, adjoining Thailand at the Hat Lek (Thailand) border crossing.

Koh Kong is the name of the province, the city of Koh Kong on the coast, and also the largest island off the coast of Koh Kong (City or Province).

Koh Kong Island has 2 bungalow resorts on the island, the size of Hong Kong, and is very open and wild for the moment.

The islands of Koh Kong are:

Koh Chas Island
Koh Kapi Island
Koh Kong Island
Koh Moul Island
Koh Sralau Island

as well as many smaller, uninhabitied islands right near the shore.

Big Map of Koh Kong's Islands

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